Four Reasons You Should Consider Tax Free Savings Accounts

Date Added: March 16, 2010 01:42:00 AM
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Tax free savings account have come about as one of the most popular types of personal investments over the course of the last couple of years and are available to open by simply scheduling a visit to your financial institution or even taking advantage of online account opening services that are available through your personal financial web portal. Opening the account can benefit you not only for current savings, emergency funds or even saving for the future, through retirement based investments.


Here are some of the reasons that you should consider tax free savings accounts as part of your investment portfolio:


   1. Although are limitations of how much money can be contributed to the tax free savings accounts, which are usually around the limit of $5,000 per year, the client can take an advantage of compound interest and therefore increase the potential for the investment. Tax free savings accounts are best used for medium to long term investments to ensure that the most is made from the investment.


   2. Tax free savings account can be opened in separate accounts for each part of the couple in the case that you are planning for the future as a couple. As long as the member of the couple is over the age of eighteen, there can be an account opened through the account of each person and can therefore be an effective way to earn as much or more interest than a traditional savings or investment account, without having to pay taxes on the earnings that have been created from the money that has been saved.


   3. Tax free savings account come with varying degrees of risk for the investment as there are various choices that can be made for the funds in the account between cash deposits, mutual funds or stock trades. Through combinations of these accounts you can ensure that you are able to reduce the risk of loss that can come from potentially risky accounts. Using combinations of investments allows you to reduce the chances associated with having all of your eggs in one basket.


   4. Tax free savings accounts are free to open and there are very low fees that are associated with the accounts. Since the accounts are extremely affordable and accessible, there is no reason that you should not start contributing a small amount monthly to the account to help create an investment portfolio.

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